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Helping every language teacher engage and empower language learners in the global dialogue on sustainability and action to overcome the environmental crises they face. Would you like to include an activity about the environment in your everyday English lesson?

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ELTsustainable helps language teachers bring the international dialogue on overcoming the environmental crises we face into the language classroom in a way that motivates students and helps them achieve their language learning goals: by including a simple environment activity in their English lesson. On ELT sustainable, you can find:

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Environmental awareness

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What an original and creative course! Flavien LanmantchionI appreciate the opportunity and learning the course has brought into me. As teachers we can also make a difference with the classes we teach by saving the planet.
Flavien Lanmantchion
Professional Development Coordinator/Africa ELTA Past President/Beninese National Teachers of English Association
This course is very useful in helping generating ideas between participants. We learn from each other as well as getting the chance to visit a site with example materials. Perhaps the most useful thing I will take away is that I can see it is possible to integrate environmental perspectives more purposefully, and that the opportunities we had to share reflections on this have been very refreshing.
Daniel Barber
Freelance ELT teacher, trainer and writer
A refreshing way to consider how climate change could be part of everyday teaching. A must for any educator!
Sylvia Goetze
Language Teacher and Teacher Trainer

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