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A green travel language lesson

A green travel language lesson

Why a Green Travel Language Lesson?

I wrote this green travel language lesson plan during a period when I travelled a great deal by train. I did this both to see the world and to try out a more ecologically-friendly way to travel. Did you know that taking the train instead of flying is much more environmentally friendly. What is more, it can be fun and is a culturally enriching experience. For example, travelling by train from London to Paris creates ten times fewer carbon emissions than flying the same route! Not only that but you get to see more – it’s the journey, not just the destination, after all! Language teaching coursebooks rarely focus on this great way of travelling, but here is an internet-based lesson that does just that.

How Shall I Use this Lesson?

First, please download the Green Travel Language Lesson Plan and worksheet here.

Click here to download the lesson plan

Alternatively, you can use the slides below created on below. These contain all the materials you need. What is more, there are teacher notes integrated within them. This lesson requires that both you and the students have devices that can access the internet as they will be doing their research on the excellent travel-planning website The Man in Seat 61.

The important thing in this lesson is that learners choose the destination of their route, and also that they define the final presentation of their trip. Furthermore, I would avoid focussing too much on the environmental impact of their travel choices. The idea behind this lesson is focussing on the enjoyment of such a way of travel. The fact that it is also environmentally-friendly is the setting rather than the foreground.

Here is the digital lesson plan and the interactive material

How do you raise awareness of the environmental impact of our travel choices? If you have any ideas, share them in the comments or via the contact page!

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