Bike-sharing language lesson

Bike-sharing language lesson

Why a bike-sharing language lesson?

I wrote this language lesson because bike-sharing schemes must be one of the best infrastructure developments in cities in recent years. Turn up, pay for a bike, ride it to the next drop-off point, and you are there! In terms of reducing pollution, getting fit, and making cities more pleasant places to live, it’s a win-win situation. Fortunately, more and more cities are introducing these schemes.

Often language lessons have a section on city living however they don’t always look at the sustainability aspects of the topic. This is a shame as a good quality of city life and sustainability go hand in hand. It’s likely that your learners’ lives are directly impacted by how eco-friendly their city is and this is why you may find they really engage with bike-sharing. Therefore, next time the topic of transport or city life comes up, why not try this lesson?

Ok, I’m interested. What next?

The lesson plan is ready to go. It’s comprised of a word document with a lesson plan and printable handouts. I have used this lesson in classes of adults and young learners in places as diverse as Portugal and Malaysia and it has always been popular and provoked positive discussion and ideas on how to make the local area have a better quality of life and be more sustainable. I hope that the same will be so in your classes.

You may choose to photocopy the handouts or send them to students’ devices to save paper and forests.

Download the bike-sharing language lesson here:

What’s happening in your class?

Did you use this lesson in your class or have you approached the topic in a different way? If you have any ideas or comments, share them in the comments or via the contact page!

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