Climate Change
What Do Rising Sea Levels Have to Do With Gin & Tonics?

What Do Rising Sea Levels Have to Do With Gin & Tonics?


You will watch a video for specific information and learn vocabulary on the topic of sea levels and climate change.


  1. Imagine you have a cool drink with ice. What happens to the drink as the ice melts – does it go up, go down or stay the same?
  2. Does the same thing happen if the ice in the ocean melts?

While you watch

Check your understanding

After you’ve watched the video, decide if the following are true or false:

  1. The presenter, Climate Adam, says he is a boxer.
  2. The man he meets in the pub thinks the sea levels will go up.
  3. In the experiment, the level of the drink stays the same when the ice melts.
  4. Ice from mountain glaciers and ice-caps will make the sea level rise when it melts.
  5. He mentions one way that coastal cities will be affected.

Language point

Match the words and definitions:

1.       icea.       when somethings sits on the water and doesn’t sink
2.       melt


b.      the height at which the seas are
3.       sea levelc.       when something stops being solid and becomes liquid
4.       rise


d.      frozen water
5.       float


e.      to go from low to higher

What do you think?

Go and speak to someone about the following, or post your views as a comment here.

  1. What do individuals need to do to stop this problem?
  2. What should governments do about this problem?
  3. Will the place you live be affected?


Preparation 1. Stays the same, 2. Yes…but: watch the video to find out more,

While you watch. Do they match what you thought? They match what the man said. But…!

Check your understanding. 1. F, 2. F, 3. T, 4. T, 5. F (2 ways)

Language point. 1. D, 2. C, 3. B, 4. E, 5. A

Thank you #ClimateAdam

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