Zero Waste Cold and Flu Medicine

Zero Waste Cold and Flu Medicine

Have you ever wondered if the medicines we take for a cold might not be the best thing not only for ourselves but also for the planet? Here comes the YouTuber of Trash is for Tossers Lauren Singer with a solution!

This lesson is ideal now as it’s chilly outside. For adults and teens A2 upwards.

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You will watch a ‘how to’ video by YouTuber Lauren Singer from trashisfortossers, learn vocabulary such as ‘ingredients’, ‘stir’, ‘add some garlic’ and find out how to make a cold or flu remedy that is great for the planet and great for you!

Before you watch

Think about the following:

When did you last have a cold or the flu?
What medicine did you take?
Lauren will talk about a home-made remedy. What do you think will be in the medicine she makes?

While you watch

Watch the video to see if you guessed correctly the ingredients she will use.

Check your understanding

Are the following true or false?
1. She has a cold at the moment?
2. She adds an alcoholic drink to the remedy
3. The remedy she makes is not very strong.

Language Point

As she prepares it, she uses a lot of useful phrases to do with cooking measurements. What are they?
A. _________ garlic and ginger.
B. a _________ of pepper.
C. a _________ of salt.
D. a _________ of lemon.
E. a _________ of honey.
F. a few _________ of Echinacea.

What do you think?

Do you think this would cure a cold or the flu?
Do you know any other ‘natural’ cures?


Check you understanding

1. True
2. False
3. False

Language Point

A. chopped.
B. dash
C. pinch
D. squeeze
E. tablespoon
F. drops

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