World Environment Day Lesson

World Environment Day Lesson

Ready for a Break-Up?

The background to this World Environment Day lesson is that it all seemed so good back then but now it feels a bit toxic. Maybe it’s time for a break-up. What better occasion than World Environment day, June 5th, to break up with single-use plastic? Buying bottled water when you are out and about, or coffee in a single-use cup is so convenient, but the damage it is doing to everyone around is becoming clearer to see every day.

Break-up with Plastic in Class

The great thing about this lesson is that it is a great example of bringing an environmental topic into your class by stealth. What this means is that you don’t need to start the lesson saying “today we are going to talk about environmental issues” (never a good start)! Furthermore, there are none of the pictures of polar bears and piles of rubbish that mark the start of many environmental lessons. Instead, learners assume the lesson is about relationships until an intriguing twist is revealed! What is more, they will learn some great vocabulary about relationships while deepening their awareness of this important environmental issue.

What’s in this World Environment Day Lesson?

Try this activity, watch a great video and learn lots of vocabulary on a surprising topic! It is for B1 learners and above, adults and teens. In it you will:

  • Practice listening comprehension
  • Learn collocations on the topic of relationships
  • Discuss questions about what to do on World Environment Day.

Explore the interactive lesson in Microsoft Sway below!

The material can be opened in a new tab. Note the lesson continues after the video.

How do you plan to mark World Environment Day in your classes? If you have any ideas, share them in the comments or via the contact page!

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