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Fake or Fir this Christmas? #sustainable Christmas tree

Fake or Fir this Christmas? #sustainable Christmas tree

I’m delighted to post a lesson by Tabea Heimbach, a teacher in Portugal with a passion for environmental issues.

Over the last years, Christmas has changed from a peaceful holiday to a stressful period involving high consumerism and social pressure. As the end of the year arises it is time to reflect on our good and bad habits considering this period. What do we really need? And in the face of climate change, how can we keep our carbon footprint to the minimum? This lecture focuses on the environmental impact of Christmas trees. Use the materials to find out whether your students have a real or artificial tree, where they got it from and if they are aware of their tree’s carbon footprint. Use your last class before Christmas or the first class in the new year, as an opportunity to discuss alternative solutions that can help them make a better choice in the following year.

With this lesson your students will:

• Find out more about the carbon footprint of Christmas trees
• Practise listening comprehension with a 3-minute video
• Learn vocabulary on the topic of sustainability and Christmas
• Discuss how they could change their habits in this or the following year to reduce their carbon footprint.

Materials: A projector, an internet connection, and the interactive presentation below.
Level: B1 upwards, young learners and adults.

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