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Fireworks – Did you Welcome the New Year With a Bang?

Fireworks – Did you Welcome the New Year With a Bang?

A lesson by Tabea Heimbach.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? How about being more environmentally friendly? Help your students to create more awareness about the past New Year’s Eve (NYE) celebrations. This lesson focuses on the environmental impact of fireworks. Use the materials to find out about your students’ NYE traditions. Use the first class in the New Year as an opportunity to reflect on this past NYE and think about alternative ways to have fun next year without fireworks.

With this lesson your students will:

  • Find out more about the environmental impact of fireworks
  • Practice listening comprehension with a short video
  • Learn vocabulary on the topic of sustainability and environmental pollution
  • Discuss how they could celebrate NYE in the following year without using firecrackers

Level B1 upwards, young learners.

Explore the interactive digital lesson material below

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