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February: Winter Bike to School and Work Day

February: Winter Bike to School and Work Day

Is it a cold February with you? Perhaps you are thinking about Valentine’s Day. Or maybe you are lucky enough to live in a hot country where it is warm and sunny.

Did you know that the third Friday of February is Winter Bike to Work Day? Perhaps you still walk or cycle to school or work, or maybe you opt for a car or the bus.

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere hot, then hopefully your bicycle is ready to go! In recognition of everyone who keeps cycling or walking to work or school this winter, why not teach this lesson based on a video from Sustrans, a UK organisation that promotes non-motorised eco-friendly transport?

In this lesson learners will:

  • Discuss how they travel and the benefits of certain kinds of transport.
  • Watch a video and do comprehension tasks.
  • Explore collocations from the video.
  • Do a roleplay based on a situation related to the video.

Level: B1 upwards

Materials: a projector and the infographic.

Just click on the interactive infographic lesson plan below at the bottom and follow the steps.

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