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Earth Hour Language Lesson

Earth Hour Language Lesson

What and when is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is held every last Saturday of March. It’s a movement in which millions show their support for the planet by switching of their lights for one hour. It also goes far beyond that, so you can learn what else happens at the event here:

Why Teach the Earth Hour Language Lesson?

On this day, people around the world are focused on our citizenship on Earth, so it’s natural to talk about it in class, isn’t it? Therefore, with this Earth Hour language lesson, you can bring the #EarthHour into class. It features an amazing piece by spoken word artist Prince Ea. For this reason is ideal for young learners and teens but will also work well with adults B2 and above. While it is made for 28th March, the date of Earth Hour, let’s say every day has an Earth Hour, so you can use it all year round too.

Sounds Good. Give me the Details!

Ah, so you’d like the lesson plan bit? Well, let’s start with the outcomes!

In this lesson, students will:

  • Discuss the good and less good things humanity has done.

  • Watch a video by a spoken word artist to check predictions.

  • Watch the video again within the excellent resource and answer questions to check detailed comprehension

  • Create a survey and ask their classmates

  • Discuss the topic.


What about the Lesson Plan and Materials?

There are beautiful materials created using which you can access below. They also include teachers’ notes which tell you what to do at each stage of the lesson.

Explore the interactive lesson material below:


Did you use this lesson? How did it go? It means a great deal to hear your story so please share it in the comments or via the contact page!

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