World Bee Day Lesson for 20th May

World Bee Day Lesson for 20th May

Why have a World Bee Day Lesson?

To Bee or Not to Bee? That is the question for the class on 20th May. After all, this day is World Bee Day. Not only are bees wonderful animals, they are also vital for our survival due to pollinating the plants we rely on for food. Just imagine that without them there will be no strawberries, apples, tomatoes and many of the other foods we depend on. Learn more about these fascinating and vital insects in your English class with this World Bee Day lesson.

How can this lesson help your students?

This fantastic resource for B2 level students and above by Tabea Heimbach and Stan Townsend will give your learners the opportunity to:

  • share their knowledge while discussing the topic of bees
  • read an infographic to add to what they know about the subject
  • challenge their listening skills watching a video while adding to their understanding of the issue
  • share ideas on what can solve the problems bees and people face

What do I need for this lesson?

You just need your usual language teaching skills, the interactive material below, a projector if you are teaching face to face and an internet connection. You don’t need to be an expert on bees, you just need to let your learners collaborate and build their knowledge.

Click on the link below for the interactive World Bee Day lesson material

How do you bring a focus on bees and other pollinators into your lessons? If you have any ideas, share them in the comments or via the contact page!

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