Cycling Language Lesson

Cycling Language Lesson

When was the last time you felt the freedom of riding a bike? So many of us have not felt it since childhood. Let’s celebrate that feeling with this fun, life-affirming cycling language lesson with a green twist. Furthermore, learners develop listening and speaking through text comprehension, discussion, and role-play.

What’s in the Cycling Language Lesson?

In the lesson, learners will do the following things. First, they discuss celebrations and parties. Next, they watch a charming video of friends organising a party. After that, we stealthily bring in the topic of bicycles and their benefits to people, communities, and the planet. Your students can also read about June 3rd, World bicycle day, on the United Nations website. Finally, learners discuss and role-play a bicycle event in our local area for the occasion.

How do you bring local transport issues into your classes? If you have any ideas, share them in the comments or via the contact page!

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