Global Goals
Goal 15: Life on Land

Goal 15: Life on Land

How can you make your language lessons help learners develop their digital literacy? Is it too much to ask that they also support learners in finding solutions to the global issues that affect them? Find out with this training video and access the lesson materials for your own use.

Remix Literacy

Remix literacy can be a powerful tool for casting a new light on things, and it definitely merits a place in the ELT classroom, and beautifully complements a focus on serious global issues. Goal 15: Life on Land, is a highly accessible goal for people as we are all aware of the need to protect and restore the terrestrial environment around us.

Find out how to bring these into your class with this video:

What do you think?

  • How could you make this global goal relevant to local issues where you live?
  • How important do you think remix literacy is to your learners?
  • What other ways could you use to approach this goal or this skill?

Interested in using this in class? Then take a look at the lesson slides behind the video:

  • What class do you have that this lesson would work with?
  • Is there anything you particularly like?
  • What changes would you like to make to it?

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