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There’s a Monster in the Kitchen!

There’s a Monster in the Kitchen!

Recently the organisation where I work replaced coursebooks with set lessons. Not only that, but students now choose the lesson they attend based on factors such as the lesson outcomes. Help! I’m no longer able to use the hour-long lessons I’ve spent years compiling.

This is actually an opportunity. Many among us now realise that sustainability has to be embedded in every other topic – food, travel, the future – you name it. Is the way forward to use 5 to 10-minute activities that focus on the environmental aspects of other topics on a regular basis rather than teach the termly environment lesson when the unit on the topic turns up in the coursebook? I think so.

That is why I have put together this activity as an example of how you could spend a short time in class focussing on the environmental aspect of food when the topic of a set lesson is food.

Explore the interactive activity below

Do you have a set lesson topic that you have to adhere to? If so would this enable you still to have a sustainability twist to your classes while enabling you to meet the stated class aims? Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

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