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How to Engage Learners with Environment Issues: A Webinar

How to Engage Learners with Environment Issues: A Webinar

I’m delighted to be co-presenting this webinar with Milica from Alice in Methodologyland on a topic close to both our hearts:

Alice will focus on activities for young learners, and she has made a very impressive post of the activities that she will be talking about. What is particularly wonderful are the practical ideas that involve taking learning outside the classroom. Check it out!

I will focus on engaging teens and adults with environment issues in the classroom.

Join to find out just how useful a graphic image like this one below is in hacking lessons where you don’t choose the topic. Join to find out how I bring a focus on environmental issues even when I have had no time to plan. Join if, like me, you want to find out how Milica recreates the greenhouse effect in a jam jar!

Image adapted by author from this source: Double Pyramid – Dissemination – BCFN Foundation (barillacfn.com)

To join the webinar, just head over to the British Council’s TeachingEnglish Facebook page and join this Facebook live session from there.

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