Do you Need a World Oceans Day Lesson?

Why World Oceans Day in Class? Young learners are fascinated by the world around them, and no doubt they have their favourite sea creatures. Therefore it makes sense to bring this topic into your language classes. A reason for this is it will help motivate them to learn the target language as well as being an enjoyable experience for them. […]

Green Transport Elementary Language Lesson

A lesson plan by Rob Ansell Rob was the first person to take the revamped course ‘Language Teaching for the Planet’. Not only is he a great person to share ideas about green language teaching with, but he also produced such a great lesson plan for his final assignment that I had to ask him if we could post it […]

Formulate fabulous environment language lessons for elementary they’ll love

Environment Language Lessons: Elementary, my Dear Watson! Have you ever thought that you can’t plan environment language lessons for elementary? If so then you are not alone, but here are three ideas that hopefully will make you change your mind. Furthermore, they are all tested because recently I was commissioned to write two elementary lessons for the British Council’s prestigious […]

Young Learners and Online Project-Based Learning: Building an Eco-House

It is a pleasure to feature this guest post from Milica Vukadin (Alice) from I’ve always enjoyed reading her articles or hearing her ideas on motivating young learners to get involved in environmental matters, and I love the way they are so practical and always get students out and about! Project-based learning sounds scary and like there is a […]

No Environmental Justice without Social Justice

There really can be no environmental justice without social justice. How often has the dialogue around climate been couched in the language of hero and villain? Could part of the issue be that we often separate the environment from people? I don’t think anything has brought the intersectionality between environmental justice and social justice home more than when a colleague […]

Conversations about Environmental Justice

In this article, Sylvia makes a strong case on why we need to have conversations about environmental justice with others such as our colleagues and students. Sylvia is an English Teacher at Lausanne University Language Centre. We met on the online course Language Teaching for the Planet and have stayed in frequent contact ever since. A lively conversation Yesterday, a […]

Environmental Issues in the EFL Classroom

Hameda Suwaed, Assistant Professor at the Department of English at the College of Arts and Education, Sabratha University, Libya, shares how she embeds environmental issues into the EFL classroom when teaching writing skills with her learners. I first met Hameda on the online course ‘Language Teaching for the Planet’ and have been so impressed by her knowledge and dedication to […]

How to ‘Green’ your Language Lessons Webinar Recording

Join Milica, Owain, and Ben to investigate ways to green your lessons from three very different but complementary angles. Milica will share how she inspires young learners with creative and innovative lesson activities and projects, including her famous ‘Greenhouse Effect in a Jam Jar’ activity. Owain will share his ‘Ninja’ approaches to embedding sustainability into courses and classes where teachers […]

Climate and Racial Justice in Language Teaching

There can be no climate justice without racial justice. Rt Hon David Lammy MP These are the words of Rt Hon David Lammy MP, a British politician. He sets out a clear case for why this is so and what we can do about it, for example when he tells us that people of color breathe on average 43% more […]