What you learn in 25-hour Days on a Train

Green Issues are about People It was September 2011, and I was taking the journey of a lifetime. This journey was inspired by a desire to see the world and its people and a wish to travel in an environmentally sustainable manner. As green issues are about people I felt that the two aims linked nicely. I was taking the […]

Green Transport Elementary Language Lesson

A lesson plan by Rob Ansell Rob was the first person to take the revamped course ‘Language Teaching for the Planet’. Not only is he a great person to share ideas about green language teaching with, but he also produced such a great lesson plan for his final assignment that I had to ask him if we could post it […]

Clean Air Day: I Like Clean Air

This lesson plan is based on the excellent campaign ‘I Like Clean Air’ in which London parents and kids  fight pollution. Students discuss air pollution, listen to a fantastic song created for the campaign, read and analyse a letter by a child requesting a change to improve air quality and learn how to write a letter asking for something to […]

Bike-sharing language lesson

Why a bike-sharing language lesson? I wrote this language lesson because bike-sharing schemes must be one of the best infrastructure developments in cities in recent years. Turn up, pay for a bike, ride it to the next drop-off point, and you are there! In terms of reducing pollution, getting fit, and making cities more pleasant places to live, it’s a […]

Cycling and Reducing Carbon Emissions

Cycling is fun, though so many of us forget once we reach adulthood. It is also an excellent form of urban transport. Quick, sociable, healthy. What’s more, it is much better for the environment than almost all the competition. Here is a lesson of mine on the topic of cycling. Click the link to be redirected to its location on […]

A green travel language lesson

Why a Green Travel Language Lesson? I wrote this green travel language lesson plan during a period when I travelled a great deal by train. I did this both to see the world and to try out a more ecologically-friendly way to travel. Did you know that taking the train instead of flying is much more environmentally friendly. What is […]