About ELTsustainable

Sustainability, environment, green issues. Some teachers sigh at the thought of that unit coming up in the coursebook.

Yet it’s a great topic for the language class if approached in the right way.

Who am I?

My name is Owain Llewellyn and I am an English language teacher and teacher trainer. I am also an environmentalist.

I am Owain Llewellyn. I studied English Literature. My passion is protecting the environment, at university, I had many adventures taking part in direct action. I occupied oil company offices, was part of attempts to block construction of a bypass through a forest, and helped halt oil drilling in Cardigan Bay, Wales.

I trained to be an English teacher and have since worked in Europe, North Africa, and Asia as a teacher and academic manager. I have completed my DELTA and am now working on my MA. I enjoy cycling with my family in my free time, especially travelling by bike across a new country and camping.

I see enormous potential for the ELT community to make a huge impact in fighting the climate crisis as language teachers are in dialogue with millions of people on a global scale.

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