Language Teaching in the Anthropocene

A Roadmap for the Future   Language teaching in the Anthropocene A learner of English faces an increasingly uncertain and risk-filled future regardless oftheir level of success in learning English, a tool they might see as invaluable for a betterfuture. The climate emergency and other environmental crises have emerged with ourentry into the new geological epoch of the Anthropocene, in […]

What you learn in 25-hour Days on a Train

Green Issues are about People It was September 2011, and I was taking the journey of a lifetime. This journey was inspired by a desire to see the world and its people and a wish to travel in an environmentally sustainable manner. As green issues are about people I felt that the two aims linked nicely. I was taking the […]

Formulate fabulous environment language lessons for elementary they’ll love

Environment Language Lessons: Elementary, my Dear Watson! Have you ever thought that you can’t plan environment language lessons for elementary? If so then you are not alone, but here are three ideas that hopefully will make you change your mind. Furthermore, they are all tested because recently I was commissioned to write two elementary lessons for the British Council’s prestigious […]

No Environmental Justice without Social Justice

There really can be no environmental justice without social justice. How often has the dialogue around climate been couched in the language of hero and villain? Could part of the issue be that we often separate the environment from people? I don’t think anything has brought the intersectionality between environmental justice and social justice home more than when a colleague […]