Environment Language Teaching Webinars

Environment Language Teaching Webinars

The Next Webinar:

Join ELTsustainable for the next environment language teaching webinar on a new date to be confirmed, likely 6th March.

With Globe ELT, Ginny Rowlands, a former British Council director of English, interviews Owain Llewellyn from ELTsustainable. First, they talk about how Owain got involved in this area. Then Ginny asks Owain about the story of the ELTsustainable website. After that, they discuss the British Council course Climate action in language education which Owain was a writer for. Above all, enjoy the informal atmosphere as two language teaching experts have a great chat on this topic. In short, join us on 20th February at12.00 UK time.

Previous environment language teaching webinars

You will be able to find all of the recordings of environment language teaching webinars, workshops, and presentations on this page. Explore the videos below to see how can you teach green issues in your language lessons.

Africa ELTA Climate Emergency Webinar

Here is the environment language teaching webinar that ELTsustainable presented at the Africa English Language Teacher Association conference packed with useful ideas. Listen to Owain’s criteria for a successful green language lesson. In addition, find out practical ways that you can make sure your lessons meet these criteria. Above all, hear a great reading of a poem by a member of the audience!

How to ‘green’ your language lessons

Join Milica, Owain, and Ben to look at ways to make your lessons greener from three very different angles. First, Milica will share how she helps young learners get creative with lesson activities and projects, including her famous ‘Greenhouse Effect in a Jam Jar’ activity. Second, Owain shares his ‘Ninja’ approaches to bringing green issues into your courses and classes if you have limited choice in lesson content and topic. Third, Ben talks about the course ‘Language Teaching for the Planet’ that he tutors. Finally, there will be the chance to ask questions. Above all, in this session, we unlock and launch the new and improved website ELTsustainable and show some content we are most proud of.

Have you watched or attended one of these webinars? If you have feedback or questions, share them in the comments or via the contact page!